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June 30, 2020

It's Back to Business

With the UK housing market reopening, what's changing?

Under new guidance from the government, the decision has been reached to reopen the UK housing market.

This includes agents like ourselves, as well as conveyancers and removal companies.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, and one that offers sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants the opportunity to start moving.

How will moving home work in line with social distancing?

To ensure the safety of our colleagues and clients, there are some important guidelines we'll be implementing for the foreseeable future. These include:


Fewer office visits. Where one is necessary, appointments will be made in advance with the health conditions of all parties verified ahead of time.

Buyers and tenants will be encouraged to initially view properties virtually; minimising the number of physical viewings until a serious buyer or applicant has been identified.

• For physical viewings, our agents will either accompany you at a minimum distance of two metres, or where it's not possible for our team to be present, we'll ensure that both parties understand the viewing protocols to follow.

Higher standards of hygiene practices will be encouraged before and after viewings or office appointments; with key contact areas like door frames and handles decontaminated.

Flexible contract considerations will be made for move dates and time risk management taken into account; in the case where either party needs to self-isolate due to presenting symptoms.

To discuss in-depth the practical measures that we're taking to protect our clients during their next home move, please contact us on 01305 824455.